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Technology is constantly evolving, and that includes dental techniques and technologies. At D Smiles Family Dentistry, we do our utmost to ensure we’ve invested in the most innovative techniques and technologies to ensure patient care is comfortable and effective. Keep reading to find out more about the advanced dental technologies we utilize in our Gainesville dental office. You can also contact our team any time to find out more or schedule an appointment.


In the past, pointing out oral health concerns to patients in a mirror or trying our best to describe what we see was the best we could do to help patients understand their oral health concerns. Today, we use intraoral cameras to capture photos patients can view on chairside computer monitors. We capture these images with a small camera that resembles a large pen. These intraoral cameras are uniquely crafted to capture high definition images. On our chairside computer monitors, we can examine these photos with patients, enlarge or enhance the images, and ensure patients feel completely confident in their treatment planning options.


What our intraoral camera has done for showing patients the external parts of their smiles, digital x-rays allow us to do for the internal structure. Using as much as 90% less radiation than traditional x-rays, we’re able to capture crystal clear scans of the inner structures of the teeth and jaw. Like digital photos, the x-rays can also be instantly viewed on chairside computer monitors. We’ll be able to enlarge and enhance these x-rays to ensure patients completely understand the areas for concern and treatment options. The digital files are saved for easy access between appointments, and we can instantly transfer them to our dental lab, insurance providers, and trusted specialists as necessary.

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