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Children’s Dentistry – Gainesville, VA

Helping Younger Patients Achieve Healthy Smiles

A young boy at the dentist office

Even the youngest patients need personalized dental care. A kid’s dentist in Gainesville can ensure your child’s teeth development as they should, giving them the care they need to transition into adulthood just fine. At D Smiles Family Dentistry, Dr. Do is a highly trained and expert dental professional who aims to care for even the youngest member of your family. Her dedication and commitment to helping patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles is her goal. If you are ready for your child to see a dentist who will make their oral health a priority, then call our office to schedule an appointment today.

The Importance of Oral Health at an Early Age

A young boy brushing his teeth in the dentist chair

If your child does not develop good oral habits at an early age, they will be more likely to develop problems as they grow older. Tooth decay and cavities can develop early on, which is why it is important to begin brushing their teeth as soon as the first on erupts through the gum line.

For the first several years, you will be responsible for brushing and maintaining your child’s teeth; however, as your child gets older, we will work with you to help set up good oral habits at home. Through patient education, we are happy to provide tips and useful information to help you, the parent, make sure your child’s teeth are in good shape between their regularly scheduled dental appointments.

What is Included in a Typical Exam

A family and little girl at the dentist office

When you bring your child in for the first time, the initial visit will be more of an opportunity to get to know your children’s dentist. Many kids are scared to go to the dentist, so this gives us the chance to ease their fears and introduce them to the tools, equipment, and process of how a normal dental checkup and cleaning will go in the future.

Apart from building a relationship, the initial exam will include Dr. Do examining your child’s mouth for any signs of tooth decay or cavities. If necessary, one of our highly skilled dental hygienists will perform a cleaning to remove any plaque or tartar buildup, and your child’s oral health will be evaluated to ensure their tooth development is on track.

At D Smiles Family Dentistry, our team of dental experts and staff want your child to feel comfortable, not only when it comes to routine cleanings and procedures, but we also want them to be free to ask questions. We promise to do our very best to answer any and all their questions during their visit.

Tips to Helping Your Child Practice Good Oral Hygiene

A little girl and her mom brushing their teeth at home

If you want your child to practice good oral hygiene habits at home, the best place to start is with yourself. As an adult, you are a role model for your child, and if they see you taking care of your teeth and gums, they’ll be more likely to what to do the same. However, we all know children oftentimes need more to encourage them to do something like brush their teeth, so here are a few tips to help your child develop good oral habits:

  • Take them to pick out their own toothbrush: By allowing them to choose their own toothbrush, not only do they feel as if they are getting a say in how they brush their teeth, but they get the enjoyment of seeing their favorite cartoon or comic book character on their toothbrush. You may also let them pick out their own toothpaste!
  • Implement a reward system: Obviously, you don’t want to give them a reward every single time they brush their teeth, but you may opt to offer a reward if they manage to floss their teeth every day for an entire week. Whether it’s taking them to the park or giving them a sticker, make sure it’s a reward they’ll be eager to work toward.
  • Come together as a family: Instead of entrusting your child to properly brush and floss their teeth on their own, have everyone gather in the bathroom and make it a family affair.
  • Start a dance party: Once everyone is together, set a timer or turn on some music to make brushing and flossing fun and enjoyable.