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Is the ClearCorrect Orthodontic System for You?

January 5, 2018

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woman clear alignersAre you tired of feeling less than confident when you see your smile in the mirror? After years of working hard to achieve your personal and career goals, you haven’t committed to changing the way your teeth look. This is the last thing on your to-do list: straighten your teeth.

Luckily, there’s a way to do just that without ruining your mature look. With ClearCorrect orthodontics, you can straighten your teeth without the embarrassment that traditional braces hold. Learn more in this week’s blog post!

What Is ClearCorrect?

ClearCorrect is a system created by a series of clear aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. You’ll have a professional impression of your existing bite taken by your local dentist, and then you’ll receive the custom aligners that are just for you by a nearby dental lab.

The process is super simple, too! All you do is wear your aligners—each one for a few weeks at a time—until your teeth have been straightened to their correct positions. Have you ever heard of an orthodontic treatment that’s that easy?!

Why is ClearCorrect Better than Traditional Braces?

Many dentists recommend these clear aligners over the traditional method of straightening teeth for many reasons:

  • The treatment is invisible – If your teeth are crooked, there’s a good chance that you’d rather not call more attention to the problem with shining metal in your mouth. These aligners are practically invisible since the aligners are crafted from clear, smooth plastic!
  • The treatment works for all ages  – Since there’s no age limit or requirement, both kids and adults benefit from ClearCorrect. Most ortho treatments work better for some ages and worse for others, but ClearCorrect is great for just about anyone.
  • Patients save time – Traditional braces can take years to finally achieve a straight smile. Most patients that use ClearCorrect can straighten their teeth anywhere from 6-18 months!
  • You can maintain a balanced diet  – ClearCorrect is great for patients that love food or want to maintain their current diet. Traditional orthodontics require that you change your diet as to avoid damaging the system. With ClearCorrect, simply remove your aligners before you eat!
  • You’ll experience increased comfort – You’ll never have to deal with nicks and cuts to your cheeks, tongue, and lips from metal braces – and you can say goodbye to icky dental wax. ClearCorrect is virtually pain-free, and the gentle pressure used to move your teeth into place is so comfortable, you may even forget you’re wearing them.
  • It’s effective – There are just too many patients that have success stories with this treatment. If you don’t believe it, ask your dentist how many people have really loved their results!

Now that you know all that ClearCorrect can do for you, it’s time to schedule your orthodontic consultation!

About Our Office

Here at D Smiles Family Dentistry, we don’t want patients to commit to a treatment that they don’t truly love. We’ve learned over the years that traditional orthodontics aren’t ever a patient’s first choice. That’s why we offer different alternatives like ClearCorrect. Call us today to learn if this is the best treatment for you!



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